Park Kyung Issues An Apology After Getting Accused Of Past Bullying And Hitting Disabled Students

Block B Park Kyung is under fire after what transpired on SNS!

On September 28, a netizen who claims to have been to middle school with wrote a post on Instagram accusing of him of committing school violence. The details the netizen shared are shocking to say the least.

The netizen alleges that Park Kyung used to harass the weaker students, taking their money and belongings. He/she also claims that he used to smoke, and drink alcohol and curse a lot as well. He/she claims Park Kyung used to brag about having sex with female students as well, to top that off, the netizen alleges that Park Kyung would hit disabled students and younger students.

The netizen says he/she was one of his victims and would like for him to show regret for their wrongdoings.

After the post went viral, Park Kyung issued an apology via twitter, in his apology he admits to the accusations (without specification), he says he was a victim of bullying himself and thought that if he hung around the bullies he’d stop getting bullied and people wouldn’t walk all over him.

“Hello, this is Park Kyung.

I saw that a post was uploaded about my school days.

I am sorry, I would like to sincerely apologize to the people who were hurt because of me at that time, and to the people who have been hurt because of the memories from those days that came up whenever they saw me.

When I was in in elementary school, I was a child who only knew how to study. For some reason, I was bullied and teased by other kids at my age because of it. I was smaller than my peers, and those memories remained with me when I entered middle school.”

He goes on to explain that he hated the label of ‘model student’ and liked attention, thus, he would hang out with bad kids and to fit in with them, he said ‘I did shameful things, and thought that if I were with them, people wouldn’t walk over me.’

Park Kyung then asked the people whom have been hurt by him to directly contact him or through his agency,

“I’d like to personally meet and apologize to you and ask for your forgiveness.”

He ended his statement by explaining why he’s releasing it on his own rather than through his agency, he says,

“I thought it would be more shameful if I had issued my statement through my agency, so I’m writing this directly.

I apologize once again.”

Despite his swift statement as soon as the issue spread online, k-netizens have been reacting coldly to his apology. Many left comments asking him to leave the industry and never show his face again, many netizens also said they regretted supporting him after he called out chart manipulation on Korean charts.

Park Kyung was recently fined for defamation.

What do you think of his apology?

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1 thought on “Park Kyung Issues An Apology After Getting Accused Of Past Bullying And Hitting Disabled Students”

  1. Why are people forgiving, many of us change over time. I accept his apology he also was a victim. He should not stop performing or leave the business. He who is without sin cast the first stone.


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