Music Journalist Nicholas Liddle Claims A BLACKPINK Fan Account Offered Him $3000 To Speak Badly About BTS “Dynamite”

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Twitter is buzzing about a music journalist who claims he was offered money to trash talk BTS “Dynamite,” but his tweets are dividing Kpop fandoms and not everyone seems to be onboard, here is why.

On September 26 (local time), Nicholas Liddle spoke about when labels and press teams attempt to pay off big social media accounts with large followings to tweet negatively about certain artists.

He says he was offered $3000 to talk badly about Nicki Minaj’s hit track ‘Anaconda,’ he explains that he didn’t accept the offer,

“I could never take money to tweet negative about someone’s art. THAT’S DISGUSTING.”

He followed that with a tweet claiming he’s been offered $3000 to trash talk BTS “Dynamite,” he says he refused to do it because he loves the track,

“Did I do it? No. Because I love that track, love those guys, and like I said, I’m not being paid for opinions that aren’t reflective of how I truly feel. Period.”

What soon followed were a series of tweets that sparked a fanwar, he went on to claim that a BLACKPINK fan update account offered him the amount to talk negatively about the song.

When BLINKs asked him for a proof, he claimed he couldn’t provide it because he was kicked out from the GC as soon as he refused and was blocked by the said account. Fans then started calling him a ‘clout’ chaser and started questioning his intensions with his tweets.

His account was verified but it no longer is and he has set his account to private as of this writing. Fans collected screenshots of his tweets since many claim he’s deleted them since receiving backlash.

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