Member Of Indie Band Passes Away After Getting Hit By A Truck While Doing Part-Time Job


Jo Yoong of indie band ‘An Introduction of Youth’ has passed away after getting hit by a truck, he was only 26 years old.

On September 11, his agency Mojo People Records confirmed that he had passed away after getting hit by a truck while doing a part-time job. He passed away on September 10. His agency expressed their sorrow through their official statement adding that they will proceed with his funeral while adhering to social distancing measures.

Jo Yoong has been struggling as an artist after COVID-19 began and as a result, he took on part-time jobs due to difficulties, he worked as a delivery driver and was up all night working, he was hit while driving his motorbike according to the CEO of his agency.

Jo Yoong formed the band An Introduction to Youth in 2014 with Lee Si Young. He has been working hard on his band and as a soloist; he even did a collaboration with Juniel back in 2017.

May his soul rest in peace.

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