MAMAMOO Solar And Moonbyul Honestly Open Up About Whether They’d Renew Their Contracts Next Year

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MAMAMOO is one of the groups that are nearing their 7th year and we all know what that means, it’s time for their contracts renewal negotiations.

The standard Kpop idol contract lasts for seven years, MAMAMOO will be 7 years old next year, and fans have been wondering whether the group would renew or not.

On a past Vlive broadcast, MAMAMOO Solar and Moonbyul sat down to chat with fans and during the broadcast, the topic of contract renewals was brought up. The video is going viral these days and fans are revisiting the girls answer.

Moonbyul talked about how the 6 years they spent together passed by so fast. Solar answered whether they’d renew, she said,

“Nobody knows yet, since it involves all of us, it’s not an easy matter to decide. That’s why we need to think hard about it.

Since all of the members love being together, we need to think about it more and see what happens next year.”

Moonbyul jokingly asked if that was the best answer, Solar repeated that it’s not possible to know yet and it’s something that will become clear next year. Solar emphasized that instead of worrying about contract renewals, they’d rather spend time together creating music and doing what they love to do, spending time with their fans since they have no idea what’s going to happen in the future.

Solar also explained later why she couldn’t give a definite answer, she said,

“I am sorry for not giving a clear answer, but what if we say something now and then we change it next year? That would put us in a weird situation.”

You can check out the Vlive broadcast from here.

MAMAMOO debuted in mid-2014 and their contract will likely expire in mid-2021.

What do you think of Solar and Moonbyul’s answer? Would you like to see them renew their contracts?

My Personal Thoughts

MAMAMOO is an interesting group where they shine individually and as a team. Each member has their own unique style and together they shine even brighter.

They’ve done a great job for the past 6 years. I like the answer the girls gave because it’s the best type of answer that could be given. It’s best not to give a definite answer for something that is a year away (at the time of the recording).

I would certainly love for MAMAMOO to renew as a group, but again, if they chose not to, my support for the members wouldn’t change. I will continue to support them regardless of their decision. Its their lives and its up to them to decide if they want to renew or not. I hope that when the news comes out next year, fans will continue to support the members regardless of the decision they come to.

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