“Lies Of Lies” Shatters Channel A Records Becoming The Highest Rated Drama In Its History


Channel A new drama “Lies Of Lies” is doing tremendously well.

This week’s episodes which aired on September 11 and 12 shattered and set new records. “Lies Of Lies” starring Lee Yoo Ri and Yeon Jung Hoon is a suspense drama about a woman who is framed for murdering her husband, after she gets released from jail, she approaches the man who adopted her daughter and pretend to fall in love with him so she could be reunited with her daughter.

According to Nielsen Korea, September 11 episode scored average nationwide rating of 2.6% while September 12 episode scored 4.3%, “Lies Of Lies” is the most viewed Channel A drama ever.

Meanwhile, SBS’s “Alice” scored average nationwide ratings of 8.0% and 9.9% for its two parts, a noticeable increase from the previous night episodes.

OCN’s “Missing: The Other Side” scored average rating of 3.3%, while tvN’s “Stranger 2” took first place in time slot with an average nationwide rating of 7.2%.

which one of these currently airing dramas are you watching?

My Personal Thoughts

“Alice” is lots of fun to watch thus far, still confusing here and there but it’s fun. OCN’s “Missing: The Other Side” is a gem that I honestly regret watching because right now, I can’t hold back and its going to be a struggle to wait a week for new episodes, I plan on reviewing “Missing: The Other Side” once its done, its only 12 episodes, but its easily one of the best OCN dramas of 2020.

“Lies Of Lies” is overly dramatic and I say this with the nicest intentions, it’s like a guilty pleasure for me, a bit too dramatic for my taste but honestly, I am really curious to see how the drama plays out. I think the premise is interesting and I am happy for Lee Yoo Ri and Yeon Jung Hoon. Lee Yoo Ri is truly the savior of this drama, she takes her role seriously and is a lot of fun to watch, she’s a terrific actress.

Yeon Jung Hoon smile alone is enough to melt my heart, I am so happy for him. The child actress is honestly talented and a lot of fun to watch, they picked a talented rising star.

It’s been a while since Yeon Jung Hoon starred in a drama that got so much attention. I believe “Lies Of Lies” will continue to break records and I think it can even reach 8%, something that Channel A has never seen before.  

It’ll probably also help them produce more intriguing dramas in the future, I see this as the beginning for Channel A. Personally speaking, Channel A dramas aren’t usually my pick, I always watch the premiere of their dramas but drop them shortly after, with this one, I can see huge potential.


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