Lee Joon Gi Reveals That He’s Filming For “Flower Of Evil” Last Episode, What Will The Ending Be?


Looks like the production of “Flower Of Evil” is coming to an end!

On September 12 (KST), Lee Joon Gi shared the bitter-sweet news on his instagram, he posted a photo of himself reading a notebook with the picture of “Flower Of Evil” poster on it, he captioned with Korean and English,

“We are filming Last episode of Flower of evil right now! We will show you guys do best of best ! Plz look forward to till the End ! I love our team and we will make it.”

The Korean text is very similar to the text he translated to English. Fans appreciate Lee Joon Gi’s efforts to communicate with his fans and translate for them in English as well since he has many international fans.

A couple of days ago, “Flower Of Evil” aired its 13th episode, with three more episodes to go, fans are both excited and slightly upset that the series is coming to an end.

Fans have no idea what “Flower Of Evil” ending will look like but they’re afraid that it won’t end happily. We certainly hope that the writer gives fans and the characters who suffered so much a happy ending.

In related news, “Flower Of Evil” recently reached its highest rating to date with its 12th episode.


Are you currently watching “Flower Of Evil”?


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