KARD’s J.Seph Surprises Fans With His Military Enlistment Announcement

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KARD’s J.Seph will be enlisting soon!

On September 21, J.Seph took to his instagram account to share a handwritten letter to fans to let them know that he’s preparing for his military enlistment. J.Seph stated that he’ll enlist on October 5.

In his letter, he talked about spending his twenties doing what he loves to do and despite his fears of the unknown environment he’ll enlist in, he’s still looking forward to a new part of his life. He closed his letter asking fans to show love and support for BM, Somin, and Jiwoo.


This was followed by a statement from DSP Media confirming that J.Seph is enlisting in the military on October 5 as an active-duty soldier. In accordance with J.Seph’s wish to enlist privately, the time and date will not be disclosed.

Stay safe J.Seph!

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