Jessi Opens Up About Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend Of Two Years And How It Changed Her Ideal Type

Curious about Jessi’s love life? She recently opened up about one of her ex-boyfriends that she dated for two years and what she said captured the attention of netizens.

During the September 19 episode of MBC’s “The Manager,” Jessi made an appearance and talked about many things including her love life. She was asked by Song Eun Yi about her ideal type and if it had changed. She previously named actor Ha Jung Woo as her ideal type.

Jessi admitted that it has changed and talked about dating her ex-boyfriend for two years before breaking up,

“Yes, it did change. Of course, Ha Jung Woo is so handsome, and not only that but he’s also really manly. I like manly guys more than guys who are skinny and pale.

But now as I’ve become older, it changed. Last year, I was still dating my boyfriend for two years. He was so good looking but I’ve come to realize that good looks aren’t everything. A man’s face isn’t important, what’s in his heart is what’s important.”

About her new ideal type, Jessi said,

“Now, I am looking for a man who understands me, also, someone who can make me laugh. His sense of humor has to be similar to mine.”

You can check out the clip where she talks about that below:

Are you surprised by Jessi’s comments?

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