BLACKPINK Jennie Attacked With Hate Comments Due To Her Misunderstood Comment About Kpop Artists Who Paved The Way

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BLACKPINK Jennie has come under fire and BLINKs are fighting back!

On September 11, BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez appeared on SoFlo Morning Show to discuss their hit collaboration track “Ice Cream” and to talk about their upcoming documentary and much more.

During one portion of the interview, the interviewer asked BLACKPINK whether they feel pressure now that Kpop is becoming mainstream and how they feel about representing Kpop to the masses around the world, Jennie answered,

“Other artists have been going overseas and doing what we’re doing, so we grew up with watching them and thinking we wished to be the group that opens up the doors for other artists to spread their music, because music is not just for your own countries, it’s for everybody,”

Rose added,

“You know, there is no language when it comes to music,”

Jennie added,

“I think we’re very lucky and time-wise for people to reach us in different countries…”

The comment that got Jennie some heat was the one where she talked about wanting to be artists who also open the odor for others. The issue began when certain fans edited the clip so that it appears as if Jennie is trying to say BLAKCPINK paved the way for Kpop in the U.S music industry.

This created a heated debate between ARMY and BLINKs, some ARMY went to Jennie’s instagram account to spam her with ‘BTS PAVED THE WAY,’ while other ARMYs pointed out that they’re against such tactics and called out those who took Jennie’s words out of context.

Meanwhile, BLINKs have been attempting to clear up the misunderstanding and spread of false information by sharing the full clip.

You can check out the full interview below, the particular question comes up at the 7:30 mark.

What do you think of this controversy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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