IU Admits She Cried Her Eyes Out After Filming For “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” And The Reason Is Making Fans Admire Her Even More


IU has recently celebrated her 12th debut anniversary through a V live, what she said during the broadcast gained attention from fans.

For over an hour, IU sat down to talk to fans and celebrate her 12th anniversary. She answered some questions and read fans’ comments. During the broadcast, she talked about the filming for her 12th-anniversary episode for KBS 2TV’s music program “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

The filming took place a couple of days ago, and according to various news outlets, she recorded around 60 times including the rehearsals and shooting.

The special episode aired for 100 minutes and IU performed many of her hit tracks old and new. She also changed her outfits many times to give fans a concert-like experience in celebration of her anniversary.  

IU talked about the experience and why she cried a lot after finishing the recording. She said that she had a difficult time because she wasn’t prepared mentally well for the broadcast,

“When I perform for a concert, I can’t do anything for three days straight. My parents would come to my house to check up on me and feed me. They come to make sure I am ok, so I went to the program thinking it would be like any other concert but I was very wrong.

This wasn’t a concert but a broadcast, I was thinking of my condition for the concert but since it’s a TV broadcast, it was filmed from various angles, I wasn’t able to fully prepare for it.”

IU saidshe thought it’d be like her long concerts but it was an entirely different experience, she had to change makeup and clothes several times, it was so intense that she felt as if she was training all over again, to top that off, her voice stopped coming out,

“… then my voice didn’t come out. I never thought this would happen because it had never happened before. My voice stopped coming out 1 hour before the show ended. The staff members and Uncle Yoo Hee Yeol cheered me on and supported me.”

IU was able to finish recording well and thanked everyone for their support; she admitted that she cried her eyes out when she went home. IU talked about how difficult it was with no live audience on set,

“I cried my eyes out because of this feeling I couldn’t explain. I also felt apologetic to the staff who worked so hard and suffered because of me.”

IU’s determination and hard work gained her immense respect from fans who thanked her for gifting them with an amazing present for her 12th debut anniversary. You can check out some of the performances below. Plus you can watch the V Live broadcast where she talks about the experience here.


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