“I-LAND” has come to an end, and the members who will debut names have finally been revealed. As previously announced, the group debut name will be ENHYPEN, more information on why and it’s meaning here.

Here are the members who will debut in ENHYPEN:

#7 – Producer Choice: Kim Sunoo

#6 – 1,088,413 votes: Park Sunghoon

#5 – 1,137,323 votes: Lee Heeseung

#4 – 1,140,728 votes: Niki

#3 – 1,179,633 votes: Jake

#2 – 1,192,889: Jay

#1 – 1,417,620 votes: Yang Jungwon

Are you shocked by the names? is there a member you think should’ve debuted but didn’t get the chance to?


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