Gong Yoo Confirmed For First Drama Since “Goblin” Opposite Bae Doona And Lee Joon


Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon are finally confirmed for the Netflix original series “The Sea of Silence,” which will be produced by Jung Woo Sung.

“The Sea of Silence” is a sci-fi horror thriller set in the future where desertification leaves the earth with shortage of food and water. A special team composed of the main cast is set to retrieve a mysterious sample abandoned on a research station in the moon.

Gong Yoo is taking on the role of Han Yoon Jae, a team leader who takes on the critical mission. He puts the safety of his team above all else and is not afraid of making sacrifices. Since the mission values the sample more than an accident that happened in the past, he continuously butts heads with Song Ji Ahn (played by Bae Doona).

Bae Doona is taking on the role of Dr. Song Ji Ahn, an astrobiologist who joins a team that is working to discover the reason why the said accident happened at the research station in the past.  

Lee Joon is taking on the role of a talented engineer named Ryu Tae Seok, who decided to volunteer for the mission to see some action outside the stuffy desk work.

The drama is an extension on the short film directed by director Choi Hang Yong who is also directing the Netflix series. It will be written by Park Eun Gyo from the film “Mother.”

“The Sea of Silence” is scheduled to air some time in 2021 but the exact date hasn’t been set yet. It will mark Gong Yoo’s first project since 2017’s hit drama “Goblin.”

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My personal thoughts

This should be very interesting. I love me so good sci-fi horror thriller, and since its by Netflix, there won’t be a lot of restrictions when it comes to the horror element, something I am super happy about. Taking this to a broadcasting station would limit creative freedom.

Gong Yoo is picky with his projects so I am assuming this script was good enough for a comeback following the massive success of “Goblin.” I have high high expectations from the drama.

2021 already has so many interesting kdramas lined up.


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