[BREAKING] Former ILUV Member Minah Rescued After Attempting To Take Her Own Life

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Former ILUV Member Minah was rescued after she attempted to take her own life earlier today.

Warning: discussion of suicide.

Previously, Former ILUV Member Minah posted to social media about suffering from depression, panic disorder and insomnia. She explained that she was harassed by former fellow ILUV members and this was the result of it, she also told fans that she attempted to take her own life previously but was saved by a police officer.

However, ILUV’s agency WKS ENE completely denied all of Minah’s claims and filed complaints against her for defamation, obstruction of business, and fan-letter theft. Minah told a news outlet in an interview on September 9 that her agency filed new complaints against her, but they denied it in an official statement and clarified that the original complaints were for defamation, obstruction of business, and fan-letter theft.

The investigation into the allegations is still ongoing according to an official statement by the agency.  

Minah began to worry fans when she posted to her instagram this message on the morning of September 9,

“Something I’ve thought of just now. I want to just disappear.”

Later, news outlets reported that a former idol in her 20s was rescued after attempting to take her own life, the idol was called by her family name ‘shin,’ which is Minah’s family name.

According to the Seoul Mapo Police Station, they received a call at 12:17 p.m. KST, police received a report that a woman in her 20s climbed up on the railing of the Seongsandaegyo bridge and was looking down at the Han river, the police successfully rescued her and handed her over to her guardian.

Minah personally revealed that she was the idol who was rescued via an instagram post that has been deleted, she told fans,

“I won’t do it again. I am sorry for worrying you. I really won’t have bad thoughts again. Thank you for your support.

I am so thankful to the people who rescued me today. Thank you to the fans who reported it.”

She later posted screenshot of an article about the rescue and begged netizens to stop sending her malicious comments since it’s too hard on her. She also shared screenshots of one of the netizens who bombarded her with terrible DMs.

She also opened up about losing so much weight due to the stress doing down to35 kg (77 pounds). She said she’s working hard trying to gain back that weight.


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