“Flower Of Evil” Episode 15 Shocking Ending, Will Lee Joon Gi’s Character Survive Or Die?

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“Flower Of Evil” truly shocked every fan with the 15th episode final scenes and we’re here to sum it up and talk about Lee Joon Gi’s Character (Do Hyun Su) and whether he’ll live or die.

Note: this is a short quick recap [only the highlights of the episode moments]

Hyun Su takes off to tackle the real accomplice on his own, he teams up with Yeom Sang Cheol to catch the real killer. Jung Mi Suk is alive and kept hidden at the basement of Hyun Su’s father, the place where he used to kill and torture women.

Before Hee Seong arrives, he makes sure to take care of Ji Won because he thinks she’s a variable that can’t be controlled. He waits at the front of her house. However, she didn’t go back to her house but sent Hae So and her daughter to pick up some clothes and head back to Moo Jin’s house.

Hee Seong walks towards Hae So who asks the daughter to lock up the door and never let anyone in. Hee Seong stabs her in her vital organs and takes off. She’s saved and rushed to the ER while the police decide to put out false information that an officer had died to give the real accomplice the illusion that he’s gotten rid of her.

Hee Seong goes to meet Yeom Sang Cheol and give him the money. He laces the money with rat poison.  

When he arrives there, Yeom Sang Cheol counts the money, he has a habit of sniffing the money so he inhales the poison and dies outside the place. Meanwhile, Hee Seong finds out that the lock to get Jung Mi Suk is not working, its because Hyun Su replaced the lock and gave her the key, no one can unlock the cage unless it’s her.

Hyun Su attacks Hee Seong from behind and he ties him up as he’s about to call the police, Hee Seong decides to play mind games and ruin him. He tells him the phone is in his pocket, when Hyun Su picks up the phone, he finds Ji Won’s badge inside covered in blood.

He attempts to call the police and ask about his wife and a police officer tells him that she’s dead but the child is alive. He collapses and loses his mind. He proceeds to attempt to murder Hee Seong. Hee Seong barely escapes and Hyun Su follows him to the woods.

Hyun Su manages to stab Hee Seong in multiple locations while he hallucinates and sees his father leading him the way to Hee Seong. they end up at a cliff and as he attempts to stab him one last time, the police arrives at the premise and try to catch up to them.

Before he’s able to cut his artery, Ji Won screams ‘SWEETHEART’ many times. He sees her right in front of him but he can’t believe it because he thinks she’s an illusion like that of his father.

She opens her arm to embrace him and asks him to drop the knife and come to her, as he’s about to hug her, police officers arrest Hee Seong who gets up, knocks out one of them and takes the gun to shoot at Hyun Su. Officer Ho Joon shoots Hee Seong.

So is Lee Joon Gi’s Character alive or dead?

At the final scene of “Flower Of Evil” episode 15, Ji Won and Hyun Su are sleeping on a bed, she comforts him and tells him to rest. The end.

“Flower Of Evil” episode 16 preview

However, during the preview of “Flower Of Evil” episode 16, we see that Hyun Su probably spent a couple of months unconscious in the hospital but eventually woke up to attend a trial. We can safely assume from the 16th episode preview that Hyun Su made it out alive.

What did you think of “Flower Of Evil” episode 15?

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