“Flower Of Evil” episode 12 has broken records!

Last week, “Flower Of Evil” only aired one episode, the 12th episode had to be delayed after the production crew halted filming due to the growing COVID-19 cases, as a result, episode 12 was pushed back one week.

Fans were on edge watching the 11th episode and couldn’t wait to see the 12th episode which could explain the spike in ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, the most recent episode of “Flower Of Evil” scored average nationwide rating of 4.7%, nearly 1% higher than its 11th episode and the series best number thus far. It also rated an average of 5.2% in Seoul, highest for the drama thus far

Meanwhile, MBC’s “When I Was The Most Beautiful” scored average nationwide ratings of 2.6% and 3.5%, also its best thus far and an increase from last week’s episodes.

Which one of these dramas are you currently watching?


  1. Flower of evil!,deserve it!!!Do hyun so poltrate so well, i love his natural expression just wow!!its like im in theat scene i cant hold my tears….
    LEE Joon Gi deserve another AWARD for this..SARANGE OPPA…


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