BLACKPINK Jisoo Threatened And Bombarded With Hate Comments Online, fans demand yg protect her


BLINKs are furious with haters and worried about Jisoo after seeing the slew of hate comments she’s been suffering from.

Due to the massive hate Jisoo has received online, fans decided to trend #YG_ProtectJISOO to bring the agency’s attention to the hateful malicious comments she’s been receiving online. They’re demanding that YG do a better job at protecting the members including Jisoo by filing lawsuits against the malicious commenters.

Some of the comments directed at Jisoo were explicit and sexual, and there were also threatening comments, not to mention the hate she gets for no reason.

The hashtag has amassed over 100K mentions; fans are expressing their love for Jisoo in the hashtag while also pointing out the ridiculous amount of hate she’s been getting. Some twitter accounts screenshot the particular comments that triggered the hashtag response.

Check them out below:

Here is how fans reacted:

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