Fans Demand Better Treatment For TWICE Members From JYP Entertainment Through #RespectTWICE_JYPE

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TWICE fans are currently trending the hashtag #RespectTWICE_JYPE and here is why.

On September 2 (KST), #RespectTWICE_JYPE began trending on twitter, fans have tweeted about their anger and frustration with the way JYP has been treating the group.

Their complaints range from fury about the way the members are dressed to the lack of support for individual activities. Many fans brought up the way the stylist has been dressing TWICE in skimpy short outfits that could barely handle their difficult choreographies.

Fans also claim that the agency is being lazy with their promotions for TWICE, and that the members aren’t given enough opportunities to shine individually. They’re also mass-emailing the company asking for answers to their questions and complaints.

Here are some of their tweets:

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