FANATICS’s Label Issues An Official Apology Following The Controversial Broadcast That Raised Sexual Harassment Concerns

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A recent V Live video of four members from the rookie group FANATICS has gone viral and fans were both furious and fearful for the members.

In the broadcast, two of the members are wearing short outfits and usually, staff members give idols blankets to cover their legs. A person gave the two remaining members with no blanket a jacket to cover up but in the background fans heard a male voice loudly saying,

“Why are you trying to cover them up? We’re trying to show their legs.”

A slap voice can also be heard in the background.

The girl group members looked upset and immediately gave back the jacket and attempted to carry on with the broadcast as normal.

After the clip went viral, netizens were furious demanding a response from the label regarding this issue.

The agency, F-ENT, stated,

“First of all, we’d like to apologize to the FANATICS members and fans, after realizing the severity of the situation which happened during September 7 V Live broadcast involving a staff inappropriate remarks.

We’d acknowledge that the staff member’s comment during the broadcast was heavily inappropriate regardless of the reasoning behind it. We will take measures regarding the person responsible.

F-ENT will be more careful and put extra care so such an issue never happens again. Once again, we’d like to apologize to the fans of FANATICS, and we promise to protect our artists to the best of our abilities. Thank you.”

What do you think of their response?

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