Girl Group Male Staff Exposed For Yelling That He Wants To Show Their Legs On Live Broadcast, Netizens Furious


This rising girl group is getting a lot of attention after a clip has gone viral.

Recently, four members of girl group Fanatics held a V live broadcast to communicate with fans, two girls covered their legs with a blanket but the others didn’t have one on their legs.

One nice staff member delivered a jacket in the middle of broadcast to the remaining two girls who appeared to be thankful for this gesture, however, this was soon interrupted when a male staff can be heard yelling at the person who gave them the jacket, he said,

“Are you stupid? We’re trying to show them, why were you covering their legs??”

The male staff member voice was loud enough to be heard during the broadcast, he implied that he wants to show their legs to the viewers. A slap sound can be heard after he yelled and then another muffled slap sound. The members looked terrified and immediately gave the jacket back.

UPDATE: FANATICS’s Label Issues An Official Apology Following The Controversial Broadcast That Raised Sexual Harassment Concerns

As you’d expect, netizens were furious upon discovering this video. The video has been shared all over social media and its going viral. The issue is being covered by major Korean news outlets. Netizens are baffled by the sexually harassing comments made by the staff member and how he blatantly yelled while the girls were in the middle of broadcast, many netizens expressed their worries for the girls.

The controversy is growing even more since there is one minor member in the group Fanatics, she was born in 2003.

One video of the incident posted to twitter already has more than 400k views:

Netizens are demanding a response from the agency of Fanatics over the controversy.

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