EXO Chen Spammed With Negative Reviews For His Recent OST, Chanyeol And Sehun Show Support To Him

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Fans are baffled to see that some ex-fans are still harassing Chen online!

Recently, EXO Chen released an OST for the SBS drama “Do You Like Brahms?” It marks his first OST since his marriage and baby news. Chen has rarely made public appearances or released songs since January, 2020.

As reported previously, a specific fan union kept demanding his departure from the group due to the sudden news, some ‘fans’ believe that he’s ruining EXO’s image with his actions. However, SM stated Chen won’t be leaving EXO

Despite SM’s statement, some ‘fans’ or ex-fans kept persisting and attempting to have him removed from the group and they weren’t happy that he released an OST.

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If you go to Melon’s page for the OST, you’ll see that the song was rated two out of five and at point was rated around 1.5 to 1.7 out of 5. It was filled with terrible reviews written by netizens who continue to belittle Chen and ask him to leave EXO. Some of the comments include, ‘you should retire,’ ‘how shameless,’ ‘go take care of your child,’ and worse.

Despite those netizens remarks, both Chanyeol and Sehun showed support for the OST publicly by sharing it on their instagram stories. They also received a bit of backlash for showing support for Chen.

Many fans are upset with the netizens actions, they’re pointing out that Chen should be respected and left alone.

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  1. these netizens are annoying. like he just formed a family and is living happily what so bad about that? smh. like chill if you don’t like that he’s happy find something better to do.

  2. I think those netizen should have some respect to his privacy… A singer is also a human being-who can be hurts at times…He have all the right to get married. Those who want Chen out of EXO are not exo fan from the beginning, they join exo-l just to destroy their career.. I strongly condemned those anti-fan who doesn’t have any respect and expected Chen to give them the respect, please don’t act like a good one out there…. Myself, as an EXO fan I will always support, respect any decisions make by the member and always encouraged others to do so…Stay Bless EXO, Stay Strong EXO.. There’s still many fans out there wanting for your bright and successful future..

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