ENHYPEN Mobbed And Hurt At Their First Airport Appearance By Sasaengs, BE:LIFT Releases Etiquette Guidelines

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Upcoming boy group ENHYPEN hasn’t even debuted yet but they’re already getting mobbed by ‘fans’ at the airport.

The boy group has amassed a huge following after their appearance on I-LAND, many showed up to the airport to get a glimpse and this led into a terrible mobbing situation. They were mobbed at Gimpo Airport in Seoul.

Media outlets were also at the scenes and some of the footage of the incident has gone viral, the members had no room to breathe, Niki got separated from his group and fans say they spotted Jake crying after falling and getting mobbed by the sasaengs. One fan even claimed that a member fainted and had to be carried to the vehicle unconscious.

The fans got so close to ENHYPEN members that they didn’t even have chance to literally breathe, they blocked their movement completely and the staff was powerless against the swarm of sasaengs at the scene. The staff was clearly not expecting this situation.

After fans saw videos of the incident, they trended “#ProtectENHYPEN” on twitter, the hashtag was the number one trend on twitter. Fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the sasaengs who hurt the members and called on BE:LIFT to do a better job taking care of ENHYPEN.

A couple of hours after the incident spread online, BE:LIFT came out with official etiquette guidelines on Weverse explaining what’s prohibited from fans, this includes:

Visiting private locations, stalking the artists, selling or buying the artists’ personal information, taking photos or videos without permission, interfering with artists’ schedules, and assuming false identities. If the fans break the rules, this could result in bans or even legal action.

What do you think of this?

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