Could BTS Jin Possibly Delay His Military Enlistment For Two More Years? New Military Revision Is Under Discussion


After BTS’s recent huge accomplishment, the Military Service Act is under discussion.

A couple of days ago, BTS were crowned No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, a feat that’s very difficult to attain. The subject of BTS upcoming military enlistment was brought up once again.

According to the current military laws, Jin must enlist before 2020 ends, he’s born in 1992 and will become 28 years old (international age) by the end of 2020, thus, he must fulfill his military duties. Previously, there were discussions to exempt BTS from the military altogether but those plans fell through, BTS members have also previously expressed their thoughts on the possibility of getting exempt and stated they would serve their country when the time comes.

According to a recent report by MBC, The military service law is being revised to include pop culture artists with high cultural and economic contributions, they will be qualified to postpone their enlistment for up to two years, so they could serve at 30 instead of 28 (according to the current laws). It’s important to note this is not about military exemption but postponement.  

The government and the ruling party have recently completed consultations on the subject and are planning to propose a revision to the military service law in the form of legislation by lawmakers within this week.

The new law does not explicitly name BTS but would include individuals who have given outstanding influence and contribution towards the advancement of culture and arts in South Korea and raised the national status, and have been acknowledged by the government for their merits. These individuals will get the chance to delay their enlistment.

The party and the government are also considering expanding that definition to -sports players as well.

Check out MBC’s report below on the subject below.

The new report has become a heated debate among fans and nonfans, some argue that BTS should be exempt while others believe that BTS shouldn’t be granted any special treatment.

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