BTS Reveals Jungkook Lost His Voice Because He Cried So Much After Hearing The Billboard No.1 News

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It looks like not only ARMY cried last night after the historic announcement!

On September 1, BTS members gathered on Vlive to greet fans and celebrate two things, Jungkook’s birthday and their historic No.1 on Billboard Hot 100. They began by thanking fans. Jungkook personally thanked them; they all agreed that this was the best birthday present that Jungkook received and said they were jealous of him.

Jungkook said,

“It’s all thanks to ARMY. They gave me a great support. I realized that they’re doing so many things for my birthday. So, I want to say thank you so much to ARMY. Thank you for celebrating my birthday. I’m so lucky to be born as who I am.”

RM revealed that he sent the news via their group chat but only Jin replied, Jimin then added that he cried so much after hearing the happy news, all the other members also added that they cried a lot, Suga added,

“I cried with Jimin all night long.”

RM joked that he feels left out because he’s the only one who didn’t cry.

RM later added that he would carve the No.1 on his tombstone, while Suga said that he has a timid personality and thought he wouldn’t react like but he punched the air so much after hearing the happy news.

You can check out the broadcast here.

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How did you guys celebrate the No.1?

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