BTS Candidly Open Up About Why They Feel Like Aliens In The American Music Industry

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A recent BTS interview with Reuters has sparked a lot of debate among fans because of what RM said.

Recently, BTS sat down for a small interview with Reuters to speak about their legendary No.1 on the Hot 100. RM said that they’re super happy about the news but sad at the same time because they can’t see fans, they can’t perform for them due to the current situation,

“It feels like real, but still like a little unreal at the same time because we cannot meet our fans, we cannot go to some kind of award or performance.”

What gained attention was RM’s response to a question about one of their dreams, he said,

“Since we’re aliens to the music industry for America, we don’t know if there’s a place for us or not. The Grammys aren’t as the Hot 100… its not numbers we don’t know what is going on.”

RM says one of their last dreams would be a solo performance or a nomination,

“Grammy solo performance or nomination is like one of our last dreams. So, we will keep doing our best and we hope we could touch the people’s hearts in the Recording Academy someday.”

Fans are upset that BTS still think that way about themselves despite the massive records they broke in America.

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You can check out the clip below!

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