Big Hit Responds To Reports Of Acquiring Zico’s Agency KOZ Entertainment


Could KOZ Entertainment be the next agency that gets acquired by Big Hit?

According to a report by New1, Big Hit is in the process of acquiring another agency, KOZ Entertainment which was established by Block B’s Zico.

Earlier this year, Zico appeared on Mnet’s I-LAND as a mentor alongside Rain and Bang Si Hyuk. The report claims that the CEO himself contacted the agency and they’re in the process of actively discussing the acquisition, they’re having ‘positive conversations.’

In response to the report, Big Hit told news outlets,

“We are open to various opportunities, but nothing has been decided yet.”

Zico is considered one of the biggest solo artists in South Korea; he debuted as part of Block B in 2011. He has successfully established a solo career and since leaving his agency in 2019, he established his own, KOZ Entertainment.

Big Hit has previously acquired Source Music and Pledis Entertainment.

Zico recently enlisted in the military and is serving as a public-service worker.

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