YG New Boy Group TREASURE Explain Why They Have Two Leaders

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YG Entertainment new group TREASURE has finally made their highly-awaited debut!

On August 7, the group gathered for a press conference to discuss their upcoming debut, hours before their single album dropped. They’re the first group to debut from YG in four years after BLACKPINK’s debut.

TREASURE is YG biggest group, they have a total of 12 members, it was decided that there would be two leaders, two members were chosen out of the group. Jihoon and Hyunsuk lead the group.

They explained the reasoning behind having two leaders, Jihoon said,

“We were advised that it would be the better option, so I was chosen as a leader along with Hyunsuk. We are creating a good synergy effect together as leaders.”

Hyunsuk added that he’s grateful to be able to lead the team alongside Jihoon, he also added that he doesn’t find it particularly hard being a leader,

“As a leader, I don’t have many difficulties. I want to continue to be with TREASURE for the rest of my life.”

The group also stated that their dream is to enter Melon 100 chart, and above all, they dream of becoming a group that “never disappoints fans.”

You can check out TREASURE debut track below:

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