Why Rapper Jessi Regrets Buying A Rolex Worth Over $100,000


On July 29, Jessi appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” and what she had to say about showing off her possessions has gained attention.

In the episode, Jessi talked about her Rolex watch worth more than $100,000, however, she said she regrets making that purchase and the reason is her thoughts on financing changed over the years.

Jessi says that long ago she was ‘immature,’ and bought all the brand name bags and stuff since she earned more money, she even joked around saying that if someone would cut her arms right now, it would be worth more than $100,000.

Jessi says she matured and came to regret purchasing and flexing, she said,

“Nothing is forever. The music trends change as the era change, so I learned that I should earn money and save as much as I can while I still earn money.”

You can check out Jessi on “Radio Star” below:


My Personal Thoughts

I’ve seen how Jessi’s performance on the charts changed over the years.

For an idol in general, their career expectancy is about 7 year at best and some don’t even get to make it that far or even earn enough money or money at all, for solo rappers and singers, it’s even more unlikely that they get to make enough money to survive.

Jessi’s success is a great story, and I am a lot younger than her, but because I know so much about Kpop and the industry, I wouldn’t have made the same purchases as her, not something worth over $100,000.

If I were her, I would’ve invested in real estate in South Korea; such a huge sum of money shouldn’t be wasted on watches and I would’ve never done that if I were in her place. The industry is too volatile to spend so much money on watches if you don’t know whether you’ll still be relevant years from now.   

I hope she’s investing her money.

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