Why Kwon Mina Deleted Her Instagram Account Following Her Recent Apology

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Former AOA member Mina has deleted her instagram account.

About 12 hours following her apology post, fans found out that the account has disappeared, it no longer exists.

According to various media outlets, Woori Actors explained that the decision was made by Mina herself and wasn’t something that the agency decided on. Mina has decided to focus on her treatment and concluded that she should delete her SNS account.

Last night, Mina posted an apology for worrying fans after a recent post she shared of self-harm and called out FNC CEO, Jimin, and Seolhyun and alluded to making an extreme choice. She was rushed to the hospital and was discharged a day later.

In her apology, she explained that she talked to FNC CEO and promised fans to focus on treatment and on getting better.

What do you think of her choice?

My Personal Thoughts

I previously touched on that point, I think it’s better if she takes time from social media, it can be a toxic place and for her, it must be hell. even if she gets 1000 positive comments, a couple of negative ones accusing her of lying or playing the victim card is enough to set her back and we all saw that happening in her last posts.

I wish her nothing but the best and I sincerely hope she comes out of it well, I hope her family is by her side and she gets the treatment she needs. Deleting her Instagram account is a step in the right direction.

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  1. I agree but am deeply saddened. I will pray for her everyday in the hopes that the bright shining star she is can return, happier than before.

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