Former Aoa Member Mina has refused to have the police investigate the bullying she faced while being a part of AOA.

Back in early July, Mina posted a couple of times to her Instagram talking about the bullying she suffered on the hands of Jimin. In response to the accusations, Jimin issued an apology which was poorly received; this was followed by FNC statement announcing that she has left the group and retired from the entertainment industry.

After that, Mina continued to talk about her struggles and wishes to receive a sincere apology from Jimin, FNC, and the AOA members. Things escalated a couple of days ago when she posted a photo of her cut wrist with a deeply concerning message; she was rushed to the hospital as a result and was discharged a day later.

She followed that with a statement apologizing to fans for worrying them promising she’ll do her best to receive treatment, she deleted her account shortly after.

While these allegations were unfolding, one fan sent in a request to the police to investigate the bullying allegations. The person sent in a civil complaint which was forwarded to the Gangnam Police Station.

After the news was made public, news outlets contacted Mina’s agency, Woori Actors, for a statement. The agency responded to those requests and told news outlets,

“It’s true we have received a call from the police. After discussing with Mina, we decided to refuse the investigation.

She is still in a fragile psychological state. People online who are doing these things are not giving her strength but making matters worse. We sincerely ask people to stop.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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