Who Is Seo Ye Ji? Her Past Before Fame, Dramas, Family, And Love Life


Seo Ye Ji might have only gotten on your radar recently, but she’s been around for a while and today, we’re here to talk about the talented beautiful actress who is lead in the currently airing tvN drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.”

Her past and family


Seo Ye Ji didn’t always have the dream of being an actress; in fact, she studied for journalism in Spain for two years and this is why she speaks Spanish as well. She dreamt of becoming a news anchor. She previously showcased her Spanish skills on TV and in award shows.

Her dreams turned out to be completely different from that of her mother and sister occupations, they’re both flight attendants.

How she got her start


Seo Ye Ji returned to South Korea for a period of time during her college days due to orthodontics. She was asked to act by the agency representative she met at the dentist clinic. Initially, she denied the offer. The CEO of the agency continued to urge her to do this, telling her if she fails to debut as an actress within three months, she can give up and she agreed.

Shortly after, she appeared on TV as a model for the massive corporation SK telecom and was later chosen for a supporting role in the sitcom “Potato Star 2013QR3.”

Working hard to establish her name


After her debut project in 2013, she worked hard and starred in many other dramas such as Diary of a Night Watchman (2014) and thriller Last (2015).

She took on her first leading role in 2016 for “Moorim School: Saga of the Brave.” She also took on many challenging projects in various films starting from 2015, and was cast in supporting roles for many movies including “The Throne,” and “Circle of Atonement.”

Gdragon’s woman?


In 2015, she gained massive attention from Kpop fans when she appeared as BIGBANG Gdragon love interest in the MV for their track “Let’s not fall in love.” But to those who follow Gdragon closely, this wasn’t her first interaction with the famous Kpop star; she previously starred in a mascara commercial with him.

People couldn’t stop talking about the beautiful woman next to Gdragon.

Getting recognition in “Save Me”


In 2017, Seo Ye Ji joined Taecyeon, Woo Do Hwan and more in the mysterious religious drama “Save Me” where she plays the target of a religious cult that ruins the lives of her family, she gained massive attention for her acting in this drama.

She later described her working experience and stated that due to the difficult and emotional scenes, she cried even after she finished shooting for the drama and she had to keep that feeling until the last day of shooting, she said that was the hardest thing for her.

“Lawless Lawyer” and various movie projects


After 2017, she’s been in a total of four movies solidifying her status as one of the best Korean actresses; in 2018 she starred opposite Lee Joon Gi in “Lawless Lawyer.”

2020 comeback and “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”


In 2020, it was revealed that Seo Ye Ji joined Kim Soo Hyun’s newly established agency, Gold Medalist which also notably includes actress Kim Sae Ron.

She came back with her first drama in two years opposite Kim Soo Hyun in “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.” She’s been praised for her acting skills and beautiful body; she’s been getting a lot of attention from international fans due to her marvelous portrayal of the difficult Ko Moon Young.


More Interesting Facts About Her:

  • She enjoys watching horror movies.
  • She takes after her mother and has a beautiful figure and is taller than the average Korean actress (169 cm).
  • She doesn’t gain weight easily and doesn’t have experience with dieting much.
  • Her ideal type is someone who expresses his feelings honestly to her.
  • She has eight different qualifications including a certification in sex education, balloon art and origami.
  • She has a complex about her deep low-pitch voice.
  • She’s never been in any dating rumors throughout her acting career in the past 7 years. She also never once confirmed she’s been dating anyone.

Are you a new fan of Seo Ye Ji? What made you a fan of her? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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8 thoughts on “Who Is Seo Ye Ji? Her Past Before Fame, Dramas, Family, And Love Life”

  1. I am her resent fan
    I loved her acting in “it’s okay to not to be okay “ the way she walks, her dressing, her voice all loved all of her,I liked he more in 14th episode the way she cries it felt so real I have not seen much kdrama’s last from last year I have seen some only on Netflix but I liked the drama “it’s okay to not to be okay “ both Seo ye ji and kim soo hyun acting I am in love with Kim soo hyun but I love you too❤️

  2. I am 66 years old and I have never been struck so emotionally by any actress as I was Seo Ye-John. The only thing more stunning than her acting is her voice! I wish I could tell her that every minute of every day until she believed it.

  3. She’s so genuine. Sadly I just recognized her work this year and yes I have to admit that she has blown me with her beauty, voice and acting. She’s the only Korean actress whom I have ever appreciated. My only female crush.
    Lots of love and we hope to see her drama soon.

  4. I’ m actually a kpop stan and I watched the Hwarang recommended by my friends and when I saw her as the princess, i immdeitaely loved her. She was beautiful, very talented and an amazing role model. That was when I got more into Kdramas and the ones she starred in. Especially, “its okay to not be okay”.

  5. I love her in its okay not to be okay…Her style figure voice expression was damn good and ofcourse she looks so good on that drama…Now i became her fan of good charcter too(ideal type)

  6. After watching it’s ok to not be ok I became a fan of her Because the way of her attitude and style in its ok to not be ok she is looking like a queen and I watched her other dramas also She is very talented women in kdrama My first kdrama is Iam watching that is it’s ok to not be ok after seeing the drama I became a huge fan of her she is my one and only female crush in Kdrama Love you So Much


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