Remember Those Viral Kakaotalk Where Mina Allegedly Mentioned ChoA? Those Were Done By An Impersonator + Mina Is Suing Malicious Commenters

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A couple of weeks ago at the height of the issue between Mina, FNC and Jimin regarding the bullying controversy, a kakaotalk chatroom gained attention, some netizens alleged that the person talking on that chatroom was former AOA member Mina and in that chatroom, ChoA’s name was allegedly brought up during discussions.

ChoA had left the group in 2017 and netizens recently began to question why she had left. In an official statement at the time, ChoA stated that her mental health was the reason for her departure from AOA. She recently signed a contract to resume entertainment activities.

At the time when the chatroom went viral, some people legitimately thought that it was Mina chatting with fans; however, it turns out to have been completely fabricated. A source from Mina’s agency, Woori Actor, took to their instagram account to clarify the situation.

The agency was made aware of this by an informant who told them about the chatroom, in their statement they explained that Kwon Mina never chatted with fans through a chatroom, and the person who has done it impersonated her.

“Kwon Mina won’t be making a chatroom in the future either, so please don’t be confused.”

In recent news, Woori Actors revealed they’re filing a lawsuit against malicious commenters specifically an individual who has been defaming Mina on DC Inside, they have filed a civil lawsuit against the user and will continue to do so in an orderly manner.

Woori Actors explained that Mina’s health worsened drastically to the point that they couldn’t overlook the malicious comments, the user in question even create an open chat room where they could public criticize Mina and discuss how to effectively attack her.

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