The Ridiculous Reason Why TWICE Jihyo, Mina, Apink Hayoung And More Left Their Newly Formed Soccer Team


A while ago, Hayoung and gugudan‘s Kim Sejeong posted on their social media accounts about joining a new all-female non-professional soccer club called “FC Rumor.”

However, k-fans soon began to complain about how this could be a gate to meet the all-male celebrity soccer team with the same name. Some k-fans criticized the idols saying they’re using this team to meet and date the male team freely.

The team includes gugudan’s Nayoung, BESTie’s Uji, TWICE’s Jihyo and Mina, EXID’s Jeonghwa, and actress Kim Sae Ron among non-celebrities.

On August 11, Hayoung spoke to fans via a V Live Broadcast and revealed that a lot of members have actually left the team including Jihyo and Mina.

The reason?

Hayoung was afraid that being in the team would cause misunderstanding to the fans and stated that she left because she was afraid fans might ‘misunderstand or be upset,’ not because there was a misunderstanding but because of the fans misunderstanding the team.

Hayoung explained that she only wanted to play with the team through this hobby but if people misunderstood it, it doesn’t matter the way she viewed it,

“I left because I wanted to end the issue.”

She added that it’s been a while since she left the team. She left when the misunderstanding occurred, as well as the rest of the idols names that were mentioned alongside her such as Sejeong and others.

You can see the VLive here.

Many international Kpop fans think the reasoning is absurd and that those who protested against the team were being possessive.

What do you think of this?


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