The Ridiculous Reason Why Fans Are Upset With This Year’s “Idol Stars’ Athletics Competition” Will Have You Scratching Your Head

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, many events and concerts had to be canceled, and many other events are usually held with spectators had to be held without any due to worries of the virus spreading.

A while ago, MBC stated that its 2020 “Idol Stars’ Athletics Competition” will take place as planned for Chuseok but will not have live audience in place. The annual event started in 2010 and it’s an event where idols from all agencies meet and compete in different sport competitions. The event probably holds the most amount of idols ever in one place.

It is also known that it’s a place where idols, who wouldn’t otherwise meet, can interact and get to know each other. This year, there will be even more freedom to do so because there will be no live audience that photographs the idols every move and this is why some ‘fan’s don’t like the idea that the event is being held without an audience.

Some fans even demanded the event to be cancelled because of this ridiculous reason, they believe that their idols will be able to interact and meet each other freely without the watching eyes of fans. The so-called fans are afraid that this will become a place where idols can form relationships that can become romantic in the future.

What do you think of their reasoning to cancel the event?

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