The Heartbreaking Reason Why Fans Are Trending #SuperMDisbandParty

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SuperM is currently preparing for their first full-length album “Super One” which is set to drop on September 25. The group has already released a single “100” on August 14 and is preparing to drop another single “Tiger Inside.” It will come out on September 1 at 1 p.m. KST.

If you’ve been keeping up with the group activities, then you probably already know that the scheduling for the group’s promotions is intertwined with the members promotions whether it be solo or for another group. Fans saw just how tired the members were recently and they’ve decided to do something about it.

On August 27, SuperM turned on instagram live to discuss their comeback and upcoming single “Tiger Inside.” They revealed that they’ve gathered to practice for the song. When they first turned on the camera, fans saw Baekhyun’s face, he looked extremely tired and worn out, he couldn’t open his eyes and said, ‘I am so sleepy.’

During the live broadcast, fans noticed that the members looked more tired than usual, some of the members weren’t as energetic as fans were used to which made them worried about their health.

This is why some fans began trending #SuperMDisbandParty. They tweeted about their anger regarding the situation and the way SM has been handling SuperM’s schedules.

Many fans believe that they’re being overworked and that the group should disband.

There are also other fans who still want SuperM to stay but want SM to take better care of the artists so such a thing doesn’t happen again.

There are also other fans who believe there are issues with their hectic schedules but disagree with the hashtag that’s going around; they believe that it could be interpreted the wrong way by others.  

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