“SKY Castle” Couple Kim Bo Ra And Jo Byung Gyu Have Ended Their Relationship


It’s been confirmed that Kim Bo Ra and Jo Byung Gyu have decided to end their relationship!

According to an exclusive report by Sports DongA, the couple has decided to break up after dating for a year and a half. They first met on the set of the massively successful 2019 drama “SKY Castle.”

The two were rumored to be dating on the set of “SKY Castle” but initially denied the rumors, when the drama wrapped up they were involved in dating rumors again and confirmed after photos of their dates were released to the public.

They had confirmed their relationship in February of 2019.

Kim Bo Ra and Jo Byung Gyu had reportedly decided to end their relationship due to their hectic schedules; they became distant and have decided to break up according to the exclusive report.

Shortly after the report was published, Kim Bo Ra’s agency MOMENT Global confirmed the two had recently broken up. They stated that they ‘naturally’ drifted apart and have decided to break up, they will continue to ‘remain good colleagues.’  

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