Seolhyun’s Instagram Bombarded With Comments Asking Her To Leave AOA After Mina’s Latest Post

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Seolhyun’s instagram has become a battlefield between those who still defend her despite Mina’s revelations and those who criticize her.

Seolhyun has been inactive on Instagram ever since Mina began posting about the bullying she suffered on the hands of former AOA member Jimin. Soon fans began speculating about the role the rest of the AOA members played and many called them bystanders to the bullying Mina suffered.

Later, Mina came out with another statement clarifying how hurt she felt by certain AOA members’ remarks and called them ‘bystanders,’ she mentioned Seolhyun saying,

“At the end, Kim (Seolhyun) said to me that it didn’t matter either way, and that she just hated the whole situation. In my perspective, she was another apathetic bystander, and her words disappointed me.”

In last night’s post, Mina mentioned Seolhyun’s name again telling her to ‘live a good life,’ Mina was rushed to the hospital after posting a photo of self-harm, fans were worried about her last post. She also asked Jimin and Seolhyun to not attend her funeral when she dies.

After Mina’s latest post, fans began flooding Seolhyun’s instagram account leaving harsh comments asking her to ‘leave the group’ and to take accountability for her actions. Many are also saying they don’t want to see Seolhyun’s face on TV again. There also fans who are still defending her in the comments.

Her instagram posts usually garner comments around 1000-3000, but the last one has over 50,000 comments, here are some of fans comments,

no wonder ure best friends with Jimin… same type of people

Don’t listen to the hate comment..

Why u guys care? Shes never gunna care about u anyway. Specially when u get bully

While mina’s under posts are totally bad comments, you don’t deserve these good comments.

Stop people she didn’t do anything


Disappointed !

leave AOA

You had something to do, I know

Having a pretty face doesn’t help you

FNC recently released a statement apologizing to Mina stating that they didn’t allow the AOA members to post about this in order not to create more misunderstandings and that they’d rather resolve this privately.

What do you think of this? Would you like to see the AOA members address this controversy or not?  

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