Sam Okyere Shuts Down His Instagram Account After Netizens Bash Him For Agreeing To ‘Once You Go Black You Never Go Back’ Comment

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Sam Okyere is getting backlash from k-netizens again.

Previously, Sam Okyere got into controversy over his response to Korean students who had done black face. He’s in controversy again this time for an old comment on one of his posts.

Back in March, he posted a photo with actress Park Eun Hye, he captioned it with,

‘Orange is the new Black. Nuna (older sister in Korean). We are orange caramel.’

One fan left this comment,

‘Cute once you go black you never go back. Lol.’

Sam Okyere agreed to his comment typing, ‘preach!!!.’

K-netizens found this comment to be close to ‘sexual harassment.’ Many stated they believe he’s agreeing to a sexual comment made towards a woman. The comment is an old one and it appears to have been dug up.

Due to the growing backlash, he ended up closing his instagram account.

International netizens don’t agree with the criticism he’s received for this one and argue that the comment was made in light fun and he shouldn’t be criticized for it.

Sam Okyere has not publicly commented on this issue yet, stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Astounding how they are attacking him for nothing, yet their idols have raped ppl and it’s nothing but defense. Koreans are racist, but don’t like to be told about themselves.

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