Protest Truck Sent To Big Hit Regarding BTS Jin’s Mistreatment, Here Is Why Some ARMY Call The Idea ‘Humiliating’

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The subject of BTS Jin’s mistreatment by Big Hit has been discussed over the years, many fans believe that he’s not getting the attention or the appreciation he deserves.

The mistreatment subject was brought up again recently when fans saw “Dynamite” MV and found out that Jin had little lines and the least screentime among his fellow members, the issue was made worse when fans heard the EDM remix of “Dynamite” and couldn’t hear Jin’s voice at all, fans argue it was either deleted or mixed to the point that it was inaudible.

Due to these issues and other previous issues, some fans decided to send a protest truck to Big Hit’s headquarters; this has been done previously by BLACKPINK, GOT7, and MONSTA X fans. Fans find this way to be effective because they get to broadcast their demands to the people coming in and going out from the agency building prompting them to eventually address the situation.

Photos of the truck were shared on August 25, according to one account, it will run for two days and the screen will show Jin’s accomplishments and list the fans demands to Big Hit. It is said to be the sole work of one of Jin’s fan accounts on twitter.

Fans even trended #BighitBeFairToJin sharing photos of the truck.

However, it turns out that a lot of ARMY weren’t on board with the idea of a truck at all. Once they saw the photos, some of them shared harsh reactions to the fans who funded this project. The ARMY who didn’t like the idea talked about how embarrassing it must be for Jin and Big Hit once they see this.

The issue grew bigger with many ARMY accounts on twitter creating blocklists for the other fans who support the truck idea.

The twitter account responsible for this has since deleted all of their tweets due to the immense backlash.

ARMY argue that they don’t believe Jin is getting treated properly but the truck idea was not the appropriate way to address the situation.

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  1. Nothing embarrassing about the truck, it is a common and effective thing in South Korea. Those who call a truck that highlights Seokjin’s achievements and shows how many ppl love and support him are antis and not fans
    Bighit blocked all their emails, armys that are supposed to love Seokjin started reporting a harmless #JinDeservesBetter hashtag, when an issue like this never occurred when we were trending the same hashtag for other members.
    There was no other way to show our support to Seokjin when armys and bighit blocked all the ways we could Express our feelings, armys solution was to wait and pray for changes which is ridiculous because all his career he was getting this same treatment.
    The “public humiliation” wasn’t the truck, but the way so many armys reacted to to the situation that was the reason truck was sent. Seokjin was missing entirely from edm remix of dynamite and he was the only one who didn’t have his solo set in mv and proper solo shots where the camera would focus on him, and armys first reaction was not feeling mad bcz of this treatment, but to silence those who were fairly mad abt this.
    Seokjin being mistreated is so normalize in this fandom, that many claim that we shouldn’t even react and ruin their happy comeback season with our negativity since Seokjin missing isn’t something new.

  2. There’s nothing embarrassing about the idea, a lot of misinformation was spread about the content of the truck and people who have 0 knowledge about korean culture threw in their 2 cents for viral tweets. They never cared for his mistreatment in the first place.

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