Singer-rapper Jessi is going viral after fans began sharing past her photos before plastic surgery, many are talking about how beautiful she used to be back then and how she didn’t need to get any work done.

Jessi has previously opened up about getting plastic surgery on TV, she says that she’s gotten surgery for her eyes and nose but regretted it. The suggestion was made by her previous agency.

Jessi noted that she looks way more fierce after her plastic surgery, check out past photos of her below:

Netizens were shocked by her past beauty and wonder why the agency suggested she change her appearance when she looked this beautiful back then.

Jessi is currently one of the hottest solo female artists in South Korea, her latest track “NUNU NANA” from her recent mini-album ‘NUNA’ has done tremendously well on Korean charts.

She’s currently preparing to debut in the project girl group formed by MBC’s “How Do You Play?”

What do you think of these photos?



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