Park Yoochun’s Ex-Fiancé Asks Netizens To Stop Spreading False Dating Rumors With BTS Jungkook, What’s Going On?


Park Yoochun’s Ex-Fiancé posted something puzzling on her instagram and it has gotten people talking.

It appears that some antis have been spreading false dating rumors involving actor Yoochun’s ex-fiancé Hwang Hana and BTS Jungkook. The rumors basically claim the two are dating with the most ridiculous of ‘evidence.’

The ‘proof’ came from Hwang Hana who returned to instagram with a new account and then began talking about dating someone 8~9 years younger than her. For some very odd reason, some began to spread the rumors that she’s dating Jungkook. In her past SNS posts, she said she was a fan of BTS.

On August 7, Hwang Hana took to instagram to shut them down completely,

“Please stop spreading ridiculous rumors. Why are you piecing together two random things and spreading such rumors? It damages me and that person, and I have a boyfriend.”

She also said she doesn’t know Jungkook personally and asked people to stop spreading assumptions.

The interesting thing is, ARMY claim they’ve never heard of this rumors prior to Hwang Hana’s post. Some ARMY believe antis are trying to stir issues by claiming dating rumors to sabotage Big Hit as they’re about to enter the stock market, their initial IPO offering was accepted and they’re expected to list on the stock market this year.

ARMY began to wonder why such rumors spread immediately after the recent IPO news.

What do you think of these weird rumors?


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