Idol-actor Park Yoochun is preparing for his official return to the entertainment industry following his controversies.

On July 31, Park Yoochun took to his personal instagram to announce that he’s planning on releasing a new album; he said he’s working hard on his album and plans on holding a fan autograph event and a mini-concert in Thailand as well.

This comes after Park Yoochun’s massive controversy that almost landed him in jail. Back in April of 2019, he held a press conference before the nation to publicly deny any illegal drug usage, stating he would retire if the drug test came out positive. Later, he tested positive and was dropped by his agency that terminated his contract and announced that he’s retiring from the industry.

Park Yoochun has received a suspended sentence after being charged with injecting Philopon. His reputation was tarnished in South Korea. Despite that, he’s been hinting at his return to the industry for a while now, he recently opened social media accounts and released a photo book.

Do you think he should return to the industry?


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