Park Bo Gum is enlisting next week!

Previously, Park Bo Gum’s agency announced that he is set to enlist on August 31 and he’ll serve as part of the Korean navy military band as a keyboardist.

On The 24th of August, Blossom Entertainment released a new statement to add that the actor will enlist at an undisclosed time and location, and despite the fact that military send offs for idols and actors are usually open to the public, their decision to not disclose this was made in light of the current surge in coronavirus cases in South Korea.

Blossom Entertainment stated that everyone should practice social distancing and sending off Park Bo Gum could cause a public health risk, thus, they requested that fans do not disclose the time or location or visit it.

Park Bo Gum has recently wrapped up filming for his upcoming drama “Record of Youth” that is set to air in September; it will be his last drama before his military enlistment.

He also has two movies coming out soon “Wonderland” and “Seobok.”

Park Bo Gum will be discharged in April 2022.

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