This Kpop Group ‘Fans’ Stole Their Food, Stole Confidential Documents, And Stalked Them At Their Comeback Showcase

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Fans are shocked to learn about what happened to rising Kpop group ONF!

On August 10, WM Entertainment issued a response on ONF’s official fan café relating to the massive violations of the group privacy at their comeback showcase.

WM Entertainment explains that they specifically banned attendance of non-public events through the fan club guidelines; however, terrible things happened to ONF at their comeback showcase which was held through V Live.

It turns out that some ‘fans’ trespassed into the event, ‘illegally filmed the non-public rehearsal as well as the event, illegally acquired internal confidential documents, consumed the food that had been catered for the artists and staff without permission, and hid in the bathroom.’

Their actions caused friction with the personal security team and the event couldn’t run as smoothly as expected. And to make matters worse, those ‘fans’ had also trespassed into the waiting room intruding on ONF’s privacy causing them discomfort.

WM Entertainment added,

“Due to the new guidelines about events during the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff members were wearing masks which made it more difficult to block those people; we apologize for this and promise to double our efforts so such a situation doesn’t happen in the future.”

ONF came back with a new album on August 10.

Kpop fans are shocked by the sasaengs intrusions and lack of respect to their privacy.

What are your thoughts on this?

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