Netflix’s “Love Alarm” Second Season Likely Delayed To Early 2021

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Netflix’s hit drama “Love Alarm” is scheduled to return with a second season, however, it appears that the drama is not getting released this year.

The news of a second season was confirmed in October of 2019, and back in February of 2020, Netflix released photos of the first script reading signaling the beginning of the second season filming.

Aside from that, not many updates about “Love Alarm 2” were released to the public.

Back in May of 2020, Song Kang said in an interview with ELLE that he was filming for the second season, a great sign since many kdramas had to push back or delay releases due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Rumors have been flying around that “Love Alarm 2” will not air in 2020 despite previous reports stating so, instead, the release date has been reportedly pushed back to early 2021. The report that has been circulating the internet attributes the delay to the ongoing pandemic.

It’s been reported that the production has been delayed due to the pandemic, but it’s unclear what part of the production exactly. Fans believe that it’s a possibility considering the current situation and how Netflix usually operates, Netflix releases seasons of their series years apart and “Love Alarm 1” aired back in 2019. The lack of updates regarding the drama have also led to the spread of this report.

Netflix has not yet released a response regarding the delay of the second season.

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Are you sad to hear this? Will you be watching the 2nd season of “Love Alarm”?

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