Mina Fires Back At Those Who Claim She’s Playing The Victim Card

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Mina has posted again to social media in response to the people who accused her of being an attention seeker and of trying to ruin the other AOA members.

Earlier today, Mina posted twice to Instagram, the first time, she publicly called out FNC for the way they handled the bullying issue, the second time, she talked in details about how the AOA members were bystanders and mentioned about how Seolhyun and Chanmi treated her in the situation which caused backlash against the members, but also, some of their fans began criticizing Mina.

Mina wrote,

“You think because I am the victim, I made them all assailants? No, I only said the facts, I never said the assailant, I said the bystander. It’s true that you didn’t watch, and I am sure I am wrong; too, I am sure there are a lot. There must be a problem with my personality too.”

She then talks about suffering for 11 years without a sincere word of apology,

“Am I being too selfish or hoping for something too big? Am I the only who thinks it’s hard?

But really, I want a sincere apology. My family is not guilt. They’re scared, they’re crying, they want to stop coming to the emergency room. But it was also my family who didn’t say anything to that place or to the other parties.

I tried to talk to those people today, but none of them will answer me and I am scared.

I am so scared of what I might do to myself that I never told my family or friends for 11 years.

So I ended up telling the world when I wasn’t in my right mind, which ended up backfiring with people claiming it’s my fault.

But I, too, am having a really difficult time… like, really. ”

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

It’s a very difficult thing to talk about so I mostly didn’t react to news pieces about this, but… I think Mina needs to quit social media for now.

In any capacity, talking about your struggles on social media is bound to generate some backlash, and if you’re a kpop idol, it can get out of control very fast.

Now that we’ve heard Mina’s side of the story and she talked about what I believe everything that she needed to tell fans to clarify things, I think she needs to take a break for now and focus on recovery.

She is a victim but the fact that people are making it out to be that she’s playing the victim card is quite sad in my opinion, especially considering the fact that no one from the AOA members stood up to challenge her narrative and Jimin’s reaction and subsequent ‘apology’ just adds more credit to what Mina said objectively speaking. FNC has also kept the most tight lip regarding this entire situation hoping it’ll just blow over.

Imagine getting bullied for 11 years, that would fuck up anyone badly. What makes it worse that unlike the usual situation, we’re usually separate from our bullies whether they be at school or work or wherever. Mina had to always be with Jimin considering they’re kpop idols in one group, they share the same car, same dorm and basically are together 24/7, especially early on in their careers. Imagine how difficult that was. Just the thought of going through such mental stress is giving me anxiety.

I don’t think attacking the rest of the AOA members is right, and I don’t think people should go around and DM her malicious things, she seems unstable and in need of help and is seeking solace by her posts. Like she said, she ended up telling the whole world ‘when I wasn’t in my right mind,’ and I believe something snapped in her and led to this outcome.

You don’t have to like Mina or believe her, but being mean in the comment section of her posts won’t do her any better and it certainly won’t make the idol you’re defending look better in comparison. And don’t worry, they can take care of themselves, they don’t need your protection.

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