Former AOA Member Mina has issued an apology to fans for the recent events.

On August 8, Mina posted to Instagram a photo of her cut wrist and a very worrisome message, in it, she called out Jimin, Seolhyun and FNC CEO. Shortly after that she was rushed to a hospital and was discharged a day later. She is currently said to be resting at her mom’s home.

On August 11, Mina came back to instagram to apologize to fans for worrying them and for sharing those photos of herself, she said,

“Many people worried and cheered for me, but I’m sorry to disappoint you again. All those people who’ve been hurt by me, I am sorry… I apologize once again to the many people who were surprised to see the picture.

When I wasn’t awake that day, I heard that my past FNC family stayed up all night by my side. Oh, there was a meeting with Chairman Han Sung-ho. I really liked FNC and AOA. It was sad and hard to quit AOA because of this problem.

I could feel the CEO’s sincerity while listening to his words today. I’m so regretful that it just happened like this. To the Fans, acquaintances, and family members who worried about me and to the AOA fans who must be having a hard time because of me, I am so sorry.”

“I will reflect on myself so that this will not happen again from now on and work hard on my treatment. I’m so sorry.”

Fans showered Mina with positive comments on her instagram post.

We’re glad she’s doing better and hope that she’s getting the treatment she needs.


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