Kim Won Hae is doing okay.

Last week, it was revealed that Kim Won Hae tested positive for COVID-19 after practicing for a play with Heo Dong Won and Seo Sung Jong, Seo Sung Jong ended up testing positive for the virus and the two other actors also tested positive.

Fans had been worried about Kim Won Hae’s health, his agency posted an official statement updating fans on how his treatment was going. They revealed that he is hospitalized at a quarantined center, he’s receiving treatment and his condition is good.

Kim Won Hae’s agency also added that his manager tested negative but will be quarantining for 2 weeks before testing again. They also added that the label vehicles has been disinfected and all the employees are working from home, they apologized for causing concerns and will do their best to ensure the actor fully recovers,

“Finally, we’d like to thank the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the medical staff for their hard work during this heatwave.”

Wishing Kim Won Hae a speedy recovery.


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