Kim Soo Hyun is back to posting on instagram and his recent post has reminded fans of “Its Okay To Not Be Okay.”

“Its Okay To Not Be Okay” wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, the drama found success in domestically and internationally. It also managed to always get on twitter trending tab throughout the second half of its run, a feat that hasn’t been achieved by any other kdrama.

Kim Soo Hyun used to update every weekend in conjunction with the time his drama aired. Fans patiently waited for his updates each weekend.

On August 25, Kim Soo Hyun surprised fans with another post from the set of “Its Okay To Not Be Okay.” Kim Soo Hyun strikes a pose on a bench while there is a filming crew behind him; the outfit he’s wearing is the same one who wore while filming for one of the episodes. Fans have been trying to get over “Its Okay To Not Be Okay” and this photo is making that more difficult.

Check it out below:

Do you miss “Its Okay To Not Be Okay”?



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