Ji Chang Wook’s Agency Apologizes For The Convenience Store Controversy, GS25 Also Issues An Apology


Ji Chang Wook’s Agency has released a statement explaining the controversy over last night’s part-time job ‘event.’

Last night, Ji Chang Wook worked as a part-timer at a GS25 branch store, the ‘event’ was prompted by an employee on SNS and after a short period, things got so out of control that Ji Chang Wook had to leave earlier than expected. The store was surrounded by fans who didn’t practice social distancing despite the current pandemic. This led to backlash from netizens over how poorly the event was handled.

On August 4, Ji Chang Wook’s agency told Star News that Ji Chang Wook’s part-time job there was mistakenly announced as an event,

“We apologize for not responding adequately to the large crowds.”

This was followed by a statement from GS25; they apologized for failing to properly oversee the filming schedule for the actor and for causing safety issues amidst the pandemic. They explained that it wasn’t an event, and an employee incorrectly posted about it via SNS. The filming was halted early due to the overcrowding situation.

The filming for Ji Chang Wook’s earlier event with GS25 is said to be unrelated to his SBS drama “Backstreet Rookie.”

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