Ji Chang Wook Explains Why He Stopped Trying To Satisfy Everyone And How He Changed After Becoming 30

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Ji Chang Wook took part in a photo shoot and then sat down for an interview with the digital pop-up magazine NewBIN AR.

Ji Chang Wook recently finished filming for his drama “Backstreet Rookie,” he took part in Korea’s first augmented reality magazine and participated in many different aspects of the shoot and even got a vintage car to fit the theme.

During the interview, he opened up about how he changed since he turned 30,

“I felt impatient in my 20s, but now I’ve definitely become more relaxed.”

He also revealed that he would like to get closer to his fans through online content like the many content channels where online personalities get to communicate with fans.

He also talked about how his approach to acting and projects changed,

“Rather than trying to satisfy everyone, I feel that if I show I am working hard at the things I enjoy and that I am good at, there will be people who like that too.”

 You can check out Ji Chang Wook taking to the streets of Seoul in the video below!

What do you think of his comments in this interview? Have you seen “Backstreet Rookie”?

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